Grading, Clearing and Land Services

We offer a wide range of grading and land clearing services for both residential homeowners and commercial property.

Mint Hill, Matthews, Monroe and the Charlotte NC Area

  • Residential & Light Commercial Grading

  • Water Drainage and French Drains

  • Clear and Grade for Sod Installation

  • Lot Cleanup and Trash Removal

  • Small Tree and Brush Removal

Grading, Leveling and Clearing

Grading is a task of moving dirt, soil or gravel, to shape the land in your yard and make it level or easier to work with. To do this Bill will usually use a Bobcat with a front bucket or the small excavator for yards with more severe grading issues or small stumps that need to be removed.

We can grade an area level for a storage building, to prepare for landscaping, sod grass, adding a driveway, or even changing the way that water drains around your home to prevent wet spots and future foundation issues.

Reasons to Hire Us for Grading Projects in Your Yard

  • Standing Water or Flooding in Yard

  • Clearing for a Sidewalk, Walkway or Driveway

  • Leveling Area for a Patio or Concrete Pad

  • Drainage and Culvert Installation

  • French Drains and Erosion Control

  • Debris Cleanup after Major Storm
  • Washout Repair in Yard
  • Leveling the Yard for New Grass or Sod

  • Clear Small Trees or Stumps and Debris

  • Clear Area for a Storage Building or Garage
  • Preparation for a Swimming Pool or Spa

  • Retaining Walls and Backfill
  • Water Retention Ponds for Runoff

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